1864 – Lemon Bone Broth Jelly


Beautiful Lemon Bone Broth Jelly Wedges

Many of our readers would like to expand their arsenal of recipes in their kitchens, but they either don’t have time or don’t know which recipes are worth a try. We decided to help you, ladies, with this special issue devoted to testing recipes from Eliza Action’s Modern Cookery in all its Branches.

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Miss Julie and Miss Anna helped us test an intriguing dish called “Lemon Calf’s Feet Jelly,” found on page 437. This recipe combines bone broth, sugar, lemons, egg’s whites, and eggshell together in one dish; and it can be served as a desert or an entremet. Lemons are also an effective remedy against scurvy, so this dish is killing two birds with one stone.


Ingredients for the Lemon Bone Broth Jelly:

  • strong bone broth, 1 quart;
  • strained lemon juice, 1/2 pint (about 6 lemons);
  • sugar, 10 ozs. (more or less according to you taste);
  • rind of 1 to 3 large lemons;
  • whites and part of shells of 5 to 6 eggs;
  • pinch of isinglass.


Adding Egg Shells to the Egg Whites

Adding Egg Shells to the Egg Whites

The original recipe above could be simplified slightly by using beef stock instead of bone broth, and substituting gelatin for isinglass. It still works just as Miss Action, the recipe book author, intended, as long as you don’t forget to add eggshells to your pot.

Mix together bone broth, lemon juice and lemon rind, sugar and eggshells, and boil it for 5 minutes. Add isinglass or gelatin and boil for another 5 minutes. If you are using gelatin make sure it is fully dissolved before proceeding to the next step. Strain the mixture in a jelly-bag or cheese cloth and leave it to cool slightly.

Strain Boiled Mixture in a Jelly-Bag.

Strain Boiled Mixture in a Jelly-Bag.


Finally, fill your jelly jars or bowls and put them in the root cellar until needed.



Lemon halves filled with Bone Broth Jelly make a decorative treat!

For a fancy dinner party, fill empty lemon skins with the jelly instead of using jars. Slice them into beautiful lemon jelly wedges before serving.

Please let us know what recipe you would like us to test next time.

– Miss Anna and Miss Julie

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