Writing Links

Research is critical to writing Historical Novels. Although I have found no substitutions for my local libraries and books, here are some links I use often during my writing. If you have other references you recommend, please send me a link.


Historical Clothing:

Historical Etiquette


Historical Illnesses and Hygiene:

Historical Pictures:


Kitchen and Food:

Genealogy Resources from Dan and his sons:

Maps of Colorado and Colorado Info:

Denver City and Auraria:

Frontier Mining History:

History of other Colorado Towns:

Misc. History:

Book Reviewers

Turkey at Heil Ranch near Boulder
Mountain Pica
Blue Heron
Bugling Bull Elk
Big Horn Sheep on Twin Sister's trail near Estes Park
Mountain Marmot
Great Horned Owl
Baby Great Horned Owl
Colorado Mountain Goat Baby
Colorado Mountain Goat
Baby Goslings
Bobcat near Westcliff, Colorado
Deer with sunlight on their velvet near Boulder, Colorado
Turkey Vultures in Louisville Colorado. Photo from Robert Whelton
Turkey Vulture. Photo from Robert Whelton