Lucky Hat Mine History Quiz

Can you tell Historic Fact From Fiction? Take The Lucky Hat Mine Quiz! See if you can determine historical fact from fiction used in The Lucky Hat Mine. 

   A.  In the early 1800’s, a geyser erupted near Idaho Springs, spraying blueish mist into the air.

   B. While traveling to Denver City in the early 1860’s, Mary Randolph, a free black, was put off the stagecoach in the Kansas Territory and fought off coyotes by opening and closing her umbrella.

   C. Incoming wagon trains in the early 1860’s often stayed in Denver City’s Elephant Corral.

   D. A document, found hidden in a Denver City pocket watch, contained a map with references to Daniel Boone.

   E. At an early Colorado turkey shoot, the saloon owner fooled the competitors by substituting turkey vultures for actual turkeys.

   F. In the early years of Denver City, the Mountain Boy Saloon was run by Mountain Charley, a woman in the guise of a man.

Winner will be randomly selected. The correct answer will be posted March 1, 2017.

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